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ECSA operates 36 service stations in Switzerland (27 convenience shops). The network is divided into two geographic areas: Canton Ticino, where ECSA has 24 service stations; the French speaking part of Switzerland where ECSA operates 10 BP-branded service stations and 3 motorway service areas in Coldrerio (2) and Stalvedro.

The highly integrated distribution network guarantees a complete and efficient service which is what today’s customers demand. Thanks to its own proprietary shops, ECSA is able to offer a wide range of products even after office hours or on public holidays. In today's context these service station shops can offer the same service once offered by local shops in towns and villages that have long since closed. With its "Snack Stop" restaurants, ECSA can meet the ever-increasing demand for good quality, quick and simple meals at a reasonable price.

In 2013, ECSA Energy inaugurated the two motorway service areas in Coldrerio. "easy stop" stems from the company's QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) concept.

This solution sets out to offer a simple, fast, international stop geared to meet the needs of all travellers including families, business people, travelgroups and truckers, at any time of day.

A2 Coldrerio

Easy Stop

A2 Stalvedro

ECSA Chemicals AG
Burgauerstrasse 17
CH-9230 Flawil (Switzerland)

Via Luigi Favre 16
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland) 

T. +41582119100


ECSA Maintenance AG
Burgauerstrasse 17 
CH-9230 Flawil (Switzerland)

Via Luigi Favre 16 
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)

T. +41582119300


Suncolor SA
Via d'Argine 1 
CH-6930 Bedano (Switzerland)

T. +41919455038


ECSA Energy SA
Via Luigi Favre 16 
CH-6828 Balerna (Switzerland)

T. +41582119500


con Unico Socio
Via Lavoratori Autobianchi 1 
I-20832 Desio (MB) - Italy
(Stabile n. 15 - Polo Tecnologico della Brianza)

T. +39 0362 625 421

P.IVA IT00222470130

Codice destinatario: C1QQYZR

Porta Ticino Easy Stop SA
Via San Giorgio 37
CH-6877 Coldrerio

T. +41582119910


Stalvedro Easy Stop SA
Stalvedro 4, CH-6780 Airolo

T. +41582119950


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